Ah, I like Stony. :’D Sure thing, doll. It’s pretty short, but hope you like it!

You What?

"You what?”

Steve looks sheepish.

"You, a grown-ass man, a fucking superhero, are telling me that you have never slept with anyone. Ever. In your whole life.” Tony’s jaw has literally dropped open, his eyebrows dark and stormy over his eyes.

"Well, I mean… before I was a hero I wasn’t exactly a catch. And, uh, after that I was kind of busy saving the world, so I didn’t really have time for that sort of thing."

Tony rubs a hand against his temple and sighs. This would be a lot less awkward if he weren’t already straddling Steve, if the two of them weren’t completely and thoroughly naked. 

"And you chose a notoriously promiscuous playboy to lose it to," he mutters, bringing his other hand up from Steve’s chest to rub at his face.

"Hey, I didn’t choose you—”

"Well I think saying I forced you to get naked and pull me on top of you is a bit of a stretch."

The state of his general crotch area confirms that.

"Okay, but, I mean, it’s not my fault, alright? I just didn’t have time is all. And now I do, and you’re here, and I really like you, and—"

And I really like you. God, he’s seduced a puppy.

"Alright, alright, I just… give me a moment to clear my head, alright?"

He starts to climb down from his lovely vantage point over the veritable American Adonis, but a hand on his wrist stops him.

"Tony," Steve says, his voice desperate and pleading.

Tony makes the mistake of looking back. He wants to go, to think for a second, but the expression on Steve’s face is just so sad and helpless. 

Cursing himself and his weakness, he leans back in for a kiss—because how can anyone resist that face?

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